What if your life was an endless disco? Would you dance shamelessly, bold and loud, with no inhibitions?

DISCconnected. is a brand creating music/visuals and providing wellbeing services.

Our mission is to celebrate and amplify natural beauty through physical activity and cutting-edge content.

We see beauty as a whole: our potential, physicality, sexuality, flaws, and strengths.

Running the marathon of life, requires our physical and mental health to be in peak condition. That’s why we care, not only about the result of our work, but also about the process.

We have a global team of musical and visual artists as we believe in the power of cultural diversity. For this same reason we set our creative spaces all around the world, telling cutting-edge stories within the creative cosmos.

The name DISCconnected. refers to disconnecting from what no longer serves us and thus connecting with our true potential. It also symbolises the vertebral discs in the spine that allows us to move freely. 

We provide our music library to help you disconnect. Just like vinyl records, we spin and inspire.

Our clients: Lush · IRCT · Crosley Radio · Curalie · BECYCLE · British Land · Lipton