Fun-filled sessions based on Yoga & voice warmup, will help you to find more ease in your voice and body. 

Mia’s interest in the science of neuroplasticity blazed through her study of yoga, including meditation and relaxation techniques as tools for striking true potential. Mia advocates for everyone’s ability to be more grounded and in sync with the world, which allows each of us to live more joyfully and purposefully. Through her classes as well as original music, Mia expresses the importance of self-acceptance and natural beauty.

The sessions are inspired by the Ocean 🌊. Living in this world, where everything changes so fast and nothing is certain, taking hold of the present moment allows us to stay in sync with ourselves. In the Ocean we must stay alert, attuned to the waves to stay alive (We listen more and do less). In our everyday lives we can stay present, attentive, and reactive (We sense more and grasp less).

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Mia trained as an Actress at Arts Educational Schools, London, where she discovered the power of Yoga and Singing. Since graduating Mia has had the privilege to work in many areas of the industry as a Singer, Actress, Dancer. Mia completed 200-Hour Yoga teacher training at Creature Yoga (Byron Bay, Australia), accredited by Yoga Alliance.

Next to 1:1 sessions, Mia has been teaching at yoga studios in Berlin: Yoga Now, Sunyoga, Mahalay

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