Living in big cities such as Warsaw, Madrid, London, Berlin, Mia has been always surrounded by noise, chaos, and stress. Looking for more grounding without running away from active and busy life, Mia started learning relaxation techniques. She quickly understood the power of it which has shifted her life significantly. Mia’s first impulse to create DISCconnected was her job offer in a commercial for Tik Tok in Germany. She was asked to do yoga poses as part of the commercial script. She accepted the offer not knowing that she would be asked to do… the Lotus Pose 🙂 Mia could not sit in Lotus then (she still took part in the Tik Tok campaign, offering the pose modification 🙃), however that triggered her to delve into yoga more. After finding the incredibly talented Tahl Rinsky, Mia, hungry for more knowledge and practice, embarked on yoga training at Tahl’s school, Creature Yoga, in Byron Bay Australia. Mia fell in love with yoga and decided to combine the practice of Asanas with her original music.

In her debut album, Mia explores the concept of being our own muse by prioritising self-care: including physical and mental health, as the foundation for anything and everything that comes our way.

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