Mia Raz is a singer-songwriter and multifaceted artist.

Mia‘s first impulse to create DISCconnected. was her job offer in a media campaign for TikTok in Germany. She was asked to do yoga poses as part of the campaign script. She accepted the offer not knowing that she would be asked to do… the Lotus Pose 🙂 Mia could not sit in Lotus then (she still took part in the TikTok campaign, offering the pose modification 🙃), however that triggered her to delve into yoga more. After finding the incredible Tahl Rinsky, Mia, hungry for more knowledge and practice, embarked on yoga training at Tahl’s school, Creature Yoga, in Byron Bay.

Living in big cities such as Warsaw, Madrid, London, Berlin, and Paris, noise, chaos, and stress surrounded Mia. To feel grounded without running away from her active and busy life, Mia started learning relaxation techniques. Practising Meditation, Yoga, The Alexander Technique, Callanetics, and Pilates has improved her mental and physical health.

Mia’s upcoming EPs are grounded in her travels and study of culture reflecting how herself and others choose to experience it. By breaking the cycle of taboo, discussing topics such as sexuality, the female menstrual cycle, insecurities, and patriarchy, has birthed a new strength in her sound.

Mia Raz acts as an advocate for brands as well as organisations supporting mental health, well-being, and Ocean protection.