Mia Raz is a multifaceted artist melding her music with fashion and cutting-edge visual content.

Mia‘s first impulse to create DISCconnected. was her job offer in a media campaign for TikTok in Germany. She was asked to do yoga poses as part of the campaign script. She accepted the offer not knowing that she would be asked to do… the Lotus Pose 🙂 Mia could not sit in Lotus then (she still took part in the TikTok campaign, offering the pose modification 🙃), however that triggered her to delve into yoga more, fusing both fields, arts and wellbeing in her work and life. After finding the incredible Tahl Rinsky, Mia, hungry for more knowledge and practice, embarked on yoga training at Tahl’s school, Creature Yoga, in Byron Bay.

Training as an actress at the respected ArtsED performing institute in London with Andrew Lloyd Webber as president, Mia established the grounding for interpersonal skills and readiness for challenges.

Working as a model, actress, and creative director has moulded international relationships with high-end brands as well as independent ones (Samsung, TikTok, Jung von Matt, British Land, Cotélac, T-Mobile, Rebuy, Miss Sophie, Lipton, Lush, Nowatch). Her interest in the science of neuroplasticity blazed through her yoga education, including meditation and relaxation techniques as tools for striking true potential and productivity at work.

Living in Warsaw, Madrid, London, Berlin, and Paris, Mia has established connections within arts, fashion, and wellbeing. Her teachings as a Creative-Yogi attracts global citizens from, Copenhagen, London, Berlin and Paris.