‘Unlock Your Potential‘ Workshop



What if your life was an endless disco? Would you dance shamelessly, bold and loud, with no inhibitions?

This workshop meshes together Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Voice, and Breath work. It has been designed to help you disconnect from what no longer serves you, connect with your natural beauty as well as physical and mental strength. Yoga sequences will be enhanced by breath and voice exercises. Meditation will help you to improve your concentration and listening skills, both essential for your professional and self-development.

The workshop‘s aim is not only to relieve stress but also having fun with the simple use of your senses.

The workshop includes:

Asanas – gaining more flexibility and strength

Voice warmup – learning how to use your voice effortlessly and freely

Breath Work  releasing physical & emotional tension while improving your concentration and immune system

Meditation – clearing your mind from the thoughts of the past and future, creating space for enjoying the present moment

Duration: 4 hours + access to online videos and easy-to-absorb materials

Schedule your workshop: /+447443181943